Top 5 Items to Shop for at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

If you are anything like me, Disney merch is pretty much irresistible.  One of the best parts of Walt Disney World’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the Black Spire Marketplace.  This market place on the planet of Batuu was inspired by the bazaars you would find in places like Morocco and Turkey.  It is an amazing immersive experience.  All of the merchandise has been custom made for Galaxy’s Edge.  There are no products that say “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.”  Let’s look at the top five items on my shopping list at Galaxy’s Edge.


Custom Built Lightsaber

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This isn’t like the plastic lightsabers you can put together at a few other locations throughout Disney World.  This is an experience.  Only 14 guests at a time are taken through this 20 minute experience led by the Gatherers, citizens that have dedicated their lives to balancing the force.  They assist you in finding a personal connection to a Kyber Crystal and to the force.  You will build a heavy-duty plastic lightsaber with a blade color of your choosing or maybe it will choose you.  You never know how strong the force is within you.  This experience can be found at Savi’s Workshop and will cost you $200. 



At the Droid Depot you can build your own BB-series or R-series droid.  It will be remote controlled and you can add other special features to make it come to life.  Here you pick out your parts and the accessories yourself.  Your droid will interact with various aspects around the Black Spire Outpost including some of the other droids.  This will cost you $100 plus any extra modifications that you add. 

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Space Coke

This has quickly become a controversy for those who are trying to fly home with them.  These specially designed Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Dasani water bottles are made to look like decommissioned thermal detonators.  They can be found only in Galaxy’s Edge.  At $5 a piece they are probably the least expensive merch you can get there.  That means even if you can’t fly home with it you can still get a few great photos with it to show off to your friends. 


Costumes and Jewelry

The Black Spire Outfitters is the place to go to get authentic looking quality costumes.  You can’t wear them inside the parks but you can be a master Jedi at home.  You will find costumes from Rey or Luke Skywalker to First Order officer costumers if you are feeling a little more on the dark side.  Items can be purchased separately so you don’t have to get the full costume.  After you find your costume, head over to the Den of Antiquities to accessorize.  You will find a lot of jewelry for sale and some of it is really high quality.  The jewelry is based on what you see in the movies.  This might be a little more socially acceptable to go out in public in than a full on costume. 


Star Wars Plush

Ever since I was a little girl I have always brought home a different stuffed animal from Disney and now my daughter is carrying on that tradition.  At Zabaka’s Toydarian Toymaker Stall you will find some very unique toys.  Zabaka has used stories she has heard from travelers to create toys for all different types of galactic children.  Some of the Star Wars plush here are even made to look hand-sewn.  The stuffed Porg though will have to find room in my suitcase on our next trip.

Comment down below and tell us what is on your Galaxy’s Edge shopping list!

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