Tips on How to do Disney with Toddlers

It’s the most magical place on earth even for the smallest visitors. A lot of people are hesitant about traveling to Disney with toddlers but it is actually a great time to visit. There is plenty to experience even if they won’t remember. I can promise you it will be worth it when you see the magic in their eyes for that first time. Here are some tips on how to do Disney with your little one.

Spend a majority of your time at the Magic Kingdom.

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The Magic Kingdom has the most ride options for smaller kids. You won’t have to measure them to get on these rides. Besides the rides there are the shows in front of the castle and the daily parades to watch. Spend a few days here to slowly go through the park and meet all the characters!

Set aside time for naps.

Trust me you don’t want to break your little one’s schedule too much because you will have an exhausted toddler that will take a little or a lot of magic out of the experience. Find quiet places for your little one to nap. There are a few slower attractions like the People Mover that are great for putting your little one to sleep. You can also leave the park and ride the monorail or go for a stroll around a resort while pushing your sleeping princess or prince.

Bring or rent a stroller

Speaking of pushing your little one around, I highly recommend having a stroller with you. You will walk several miles each day. Even kids as old as 8 have needed strollers to keep up with the grownups. Disney offers rentals at the parks or you can rent through an outside company to have the stroller with you for your entire stay. Strollers are also a great place for your little one to take a nap!

Use the FastPass+ system to reduce your wait times.

Disney lines can get long and hot and miserable with an active toddler. Skip the line for up to 3 attractions in one park each day. Try to make your FastPass+ reservations for attractions that typically have the longest wait times. Kids under 3 do not need FastPass+ reservations so you only need to make them for the older kids and adults in the group.

Kids under 3 don’t need park tickets or dining plans.

Taking your toddler for their first time can be a huge savings! Children under 3 do not need park tickets and can share meals from another person’s plate. Buffets are a great option for sharing a meal. You can always order a kids meal if you don’t want to share. Just make sure to include your child in your total dining reservation number.

Everyone still gets to wear a magic band.

Toddlers typically want to be just like you so if they see you wearing a magic band they will probably want one of their own. Don’t worry there won’t be any tantrums over magic bands because Disney doesn’t want them to be left out and issues magic bands to toddlers too. You can peel a portion off the strap of the magic band to make it smaller to fit their wrists!

Transportation is toddler friendly.

No need to lug a heavy car seat along with you because Disney has thought of toddler’s safety while riding around Disney. Disney’s Magical Express and bus transportation from resorts to parks do not require a seat. If you are traveling by Disney’s Minnie Van Service they are equipped with car seats to accommodate your little one.

Measure your child before you go.

There is nothing more disappointing than walking up to an attraction and your child finding out they are too small to ride. Measure them at home with their shoes on so you already have an idea how tall they are and can avoid attractions they are too small for. You can click here to find height requirements for Disney’s attractions. Each ride description will have that important information.

Stay on property

Being on property makes life much easier when traveling with toddlers. Most little ones are early risers and that allows you to take advantage of early magic hours at the parks to experience the parks with lower crowd levels. Staying on property also makes it easier to go back for a nap or to relax to break up your day before you keep going in the evening.

Go during the off season.

Going during the off season typically means lower crowd levels. This of course means less wait times and less crowds for navigating your stroller. It can make your trip much more enjoyable with your little one.

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