Harveys Steamboat Willie Releases Tomorrow

Get ready for one of the most anticipated Shop Harveys release of the season, Steamboat Willie!  Harvey’s has been taunting us for several weeks now with teasers and previews of their amazing new Steamboat Willie line.  If you know anything about Harvey’s then you know that when they have a Disney release that is a home-run, you can expect they will sell out in seconds!!


So, how does the release work?  Tomorrow from 12-3 PM PST Harvey’s is having a release party at their store in Southern California, typically everyone camps out in line for these big launches so they can be sure to get the pieces they desire.  The line can wrap around the block, and most items sell out.  Now, that is for the in-person release.  Harvey’s takes pity on those of us that do not live in California and also launches online.  This highly anticipated online release will take place Monday March 19th at 8:00 am PST.  If you have any hopes of getting any item in this line, plan to be online and refreshing your screen at http://www.shopharveys.com exactly at that moment.  We have seen releases sell out in literal seconds!!!

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At this point there will be 8 prints in this release: The Wanderer Tote (pictured above), A Parkhopper, Wallet, Hip Pack, Circle Bag, Pete Backpack, Streamline Mini Tote, and a Crossbody.

Commuter Crossbody



Steamboat Willie Circle Bag
Streamline Wallet

Which piece will you be trying to get?

Pictures courtesy of Shop Harveys

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