What you Need to Know About Toy Story Land a Month After Opening

Right after Toy Story Land opened we wrote Important Things you Need to Know About Toy Story Land for those of you that would be traveling to Walt Disney World this summer and visiting Hollywood Studios newest magical addition.  Well a few things have changed since then, and we wanted to update you how things are looking at Toy Story Land.  We also did a live walk-through of Toy Story Land so you could see everything for yourself, so check that out and let us know if you have any questions.

Here is what has changed:

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1. There are no water rides at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s summertime, and it certainly hot! Since Hollywood studios does not have any fun water rides to cool you off, be sure to be prepared for the heat. – No change here, it’s still hot as can be with virtually no shade and no water rides.

2. Not only does Slinky Dog Dash have a 4 hour wait during the day, but there have also been 3 hour waits just to get into Toy Story Land. Expect long lines, like ridiculous crazy long lines. – This is a BIG CHANGE!  We went last night and checked things out.  There was NO wait to get into Toy Story Land, we walked right in, and surprisingly the crowds were not that bad.  Slinky Dog Dash had a 75-90 minute wait, Toy Story Midway Mania had a 35 minute wait, and Alien Swirling Saucers only had a 35 minute wait.  This is pretty amazing considering this part of the park has only been open 3 weeks.  Pandora is still boasting waits well over 2 hours for Flight of Passage.

3. There is virtually no shade in Toy Story Land and all the ride queues are outside. Again, it’s hot. It will be very easy to overheat and dehydrate, so be careful and drink lots of water. – Still the same, drink lots of water, it’s very hot this summer.  If you can try and visit after a rain storm, that is the best time of day. It is still very humid, but the sun is behind the clouds and the temps drop for just a little while.

4. There is only one quick service food location in Toy Story Land and everyone wants to try it. The waits are long. Be patient. – Our recommendation here is to try mobile ordering.  This way you can walk around and enjoy the area while you wait for your food.  They will notify you when your food is ready via your phone.  It’s an awesome way to avoid the lines.

5. There is only one merchandise location in Toy Story Land and it’s packed. On the bright side, Disney was smart and spread the new merchandise throughout the park. Try shopping at one of the other shops throughout the park and avoid the crazy crowds. – The merchandise areas were wide open.  You will be free and clear to SHOP AWAY!

The bottom line: Toy Story Land is amazing, because of that everyone wants to see it.  It is still pretty busy, BUT not as bad as we have seen the first few weeks.  You still need to pack your patience and drink lots of water but you may actually get to enjoy the new area without waiting 4-hours for Slinky Dog Dash!!! Don’t forget the sunblock, and most of all have fun!

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