Reasons Why Celebration Buttons Can Add Extra Pixie Dust to Your Trip

There isn’t a more magical place to celebrate a special occasion than Walt Disney World Resort.  Disney offers those celebrating complimentary Celebration Buttons to give those occasions a little extra pixie dust.  These can be picked up at any guest service in any park, at Disney Springs or at the front desk of any Walt Disney World Resort.  Right now Disney offers buttons that say 1st Visit, Birthday, I’m Celebrating and Happily Ever After.  Here are my reasons why you should always pick one up and proudly wear your button during your Walt Disney World stay. 

They are free!  Disney doesn’t offer too many free things but this is one freebie that can unlock extra magic! 

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You can personalize them!  Disney purposefully left a space on the button for you or a cast member to write your name.  The celebration buttons have room for you to write whatever you are celebrating.  Make sure you use a sharpie and feel free to add information to your button.  That gives cast members more information to use to possibly send some extra magic your way.  Plus you can get wished a happy birthday by name!

They make a great souvenir!  Since these buttons mark special occasions they are the perfect way to remember those memories.   I still have my daughter’s 1st Visit button put in a special place. 

They can unlock magical extras!  Cast members typically pay extra attention to guests wearing these buttons that will improve your day.  Happily Ever After buttons may give you romantic front row seats for two at the Festival of the Lion King and a Happy Birthday button has been known to give you a special birthday dessert.  Just remember you aren’t guaranteed to get any special perks so don’t demand any special magic just because you are wearing one! 

So on your next trip make sure you grab your button and wear it proudly.   You can wear it more than one day too.  I wore my birthday button the entire week I was there celebrating my birthday.  Let us know if you have received any special perks when you have worn a celebration button down below in our comments section! 

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