Photos: Laugh, Love, Mickey Merchandise Hits the Shelves at Disney World

We spent the day yesterday walking through some of the shores and just loved all the new Red, White, and Blue summer merchandise.  I am sure we can expect a lot more as 4th of July gets closer, but this new Laugh, Love, Mickey Merchandise is PERFECT!

Can’t wait for any of this new merchandise, feel free to reach out to our designated personal shopper here

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I am just another Disney lover.  I am in the parks often and love sharing about all of my experience and tips and tricks.  I figure if I am at Disney, then I am off the couch and outside enjoying life.  Hope you enjoy our blog! – Shanna

Pictures courtesy of The Pixie Dust Life

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  • ADisneyWorldAdventurer
    Posted April 19, 2018 4:15 pm

    I love the dishes!!!!

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