One Man’s Dream…A Tribute To Walt Disney

Did you know that there is a Museum dedicated to the life of Walt Disney? There sure is! Now, I don’t know about you, but I am a full-on #disnerd. In August, my family and I went to Hollywood Studios, but I was with my little ones, and they would rather ride Slinky Dog Dash than walk around a Museum. However, I had the opportunity to go back in October and woo-wee, let me tell you, what a fantastic experience visiting this museum. 

The museum offers a glimpse into Walt Disney’s life. We are given a brief history of his childhood. You can see a model version of Marceline, Missouri, when you walk in. If you don’t know, Marceline is the town from Walt’s childhood, after which he modeled Main Street, USA, in both Disneyland and, later, Disney World. You learn that, as a child, Walt began taking art classes on Saturdays. There is even his school desk, on which he etched in his initials. 

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Walt’s Studio Desk. Photo Credit: Amanda Scott

Throughout the museum, there are little glimpses of history. For example, we learn that Walt always had an affinity for trains. One of his first jobs was selling candy and newspapers on a train out of Kansas City. 

As I walked through the museum, I saw more interesting artifacts. The museum has some of the first toys and merchandise that Disney marketed. He began selling the likeness of Mickey Mouse in the 1930s! 

Photo Credit: Amanda Scott

You can see Walt’s studio desk from the 1930s, on which he fashioned Snow White. As you continue through the museum, you can see how the Walt Disney company evolved, from The Mouseketeers on through to the creation of Disneyland and even the first speaking animatronic,  Abe Lincoln. The conclusion of the museum tour is a 17-minute show that is narrated by Walt Disney and Julie Andrews talking about his life and work. 

I think this is a great way to spend 30 minutes. You will learn so much about the man who created it all and, I believe, you will gain a greater appreciation for Disney. Oh, and did I mention it is indoors? Indoors in Florida = air conditioning!

It’s all about you. So, let’s get started. Disney awaits! Let me show you how easy and exciting it is to do Disney your way. 

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