Ears, Ears, and more amazing  Mickey Ears

Last week we showed you some new creative Mickey Ice Cream Bar Sequined Minnie Ears, with a bite taken out of them that would be releasing very soon, well get ready, because more fun new sparkly ears are coming to Disney Parks this summer.  I almost want to call these Unicorn Ears because they are so iridescent and shiny.  They have a bit of a futuristic look to them, so maybe we just call them Tomorrowland Ears.  Regardless of what we call them, I just love them!

Another thing I have noticed about the new ears Disney is releasing, they have a much more comfortable and flexible headband.  The designers have finally realized a day in the hot sun with uncomfortable ears make for cranky afternoons…haha.  The latest ears, I can wear all day long with no headaches.  It’s definitely a win win!

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There was no date given, these are just expected to release this summer, hopefully we will be finding them in the parks very soon!  What do you think of the newest set of sparkly goodness ears?


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