10 Valuable Tips for Visiting Walt Disney World

We hear the question often, any tips for a visit to Disney World?  Instead of offering our own tips, we polled our readers to ensure we are providing the best all encompassing list possible.  Based on submissions and votes, here are your top most 10 valuable tips for visiting Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World Fireworks at Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney World Fireworks at Magic Kingdom

10. Make sure you bring power bats with long cords, sometimes outlets are in hard to reach places. – Submitted by Shelley L.

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9. Research restaurants ahead of time! Know what kind of food they have, prices, their busy times, if they require reservations, and locations. Trying to wing it when it comes to eating at Disney never works and can make for a pretty miserable experience if you have picky eaters or get hangry (like me😂). – Submitted by Erin J.

8. Get a plain solid color, fabric book bag, colored sharpies and have characters sign the book bag instead of autograph books. Then you have a book bag for school. – Submitted by Brenda D.

7. Start early (rope drop ROCKS!) and then spend a few afternoon hours in the pool!! The middle of the day is the hottest and the resort pools are all amazing!!! Don’t miss out! – Submitted by Meredith N.

6.  Don’t just ‘wing it’ – MAKE.A.PLAN!!! Park hours, days, FastPasses, ADRs, rest time, shopping – you’ll actually have a more fun and relaxing trip if you plan everything out ahead of time. – Submitted by Sheryl M. and Penny H.

5. Use a photo matte for character signatures, then when you get home you can enlarge your favorite picture from the trip and frame it in the matte. – Submitted by Melisia W

4. Live in the moment… Take it all in. Be the kid you are inside!!! – Submitted by Kimberly F.

3.  Take along a reusable water bottle and ask snack carts and quick service locations for ice water. The ice water is free and you can pour it into your insulated water bottle to carry in a backpack. It’s an easy and cheap way to stay hydrated! – Submitted by Ashley F.

2.  Utilize PhotoPass photographers so every one in your group is in the pictures. You will be glad you did.  Keep in mind, the PhotoPass photographers will even take family pictures with your personal phone or camera, so don’t miss out on those awesome family shots. – Submitted by Sue M.

1. Don’t forget to get free Disney buttons, especially if it’s your first trip, birthday, or anniversary!!! You get lots of extra attention and celebrations from cast members, not to mention some free desserts at restaurants!!!  – Submitted by reader Gretchen E.

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