5 Tips for Traveling Home From Orlando International Airport (MCO)

When it comes time to leave your happy place and head home, you are likely going to be traveling out of Orlando International Airport. This airport is surprisingly busy and each year 44 million passengers travel through there making it the 14th largest in the US. Now consider that Orlando is one of the largest Tourist destinations in the US, that makes for a crazy time getting through the airport. Here are some tips we have found that make this trip a little easier.

5. Arrive 3-hours early: I know, I know. You have heard this before but it is so needed. We recently flew out and were thanking goodness we did. We checked in online, but still had a bag to check. That initial line took 45 minuets. Then we had to head though security… you will feel like you are at Disney again. This line winds and seems like it will never end. We waited 45 minutes in the security line. By the time we made it to our gate we only had about 15 minuets before boarding. We were so thankful we had the extra time!

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4. Disney’s Magical Express: is you are using this service your shuttle departs 3-4 hours prior to your flight time (depending on the season). The good news is, if you are using this service, they take care of your luggage for you, so you eliminate that line.

3. Shopping: Have some last minute shopping to do? There is a Disney Store here!!! That being said, the Shop is located before you go through security, so if you want to browse or get a last minute souvenir then plan for a few extra minutes because the security lines can range from 30-60 min long.

2. TSA Pre-Check: this is an amazing thing. If you are enrolled in the pre-check program or happen to get randomly chosen, you will drastically cut your time in the security line. We were not so lucky this time.

1. Pack your patience: MCO is always a buzzing place. Rarely not packed with tourists. Many of those travelers do not speak fluent English and many are not sure where to go because it is their first time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or direction. If you come prepared to wait, and prepared for crowds, it will be a smooth journey home. Now it’s just time to start planning the next trip!

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