Why still stay at WDW resorts with so many perks gone?

We keep seeing this question time and time again in our groups, so we wanted to break it down for you. What are the remaining benefits to choose to stay at a Walt Disney World resort versus, lower cost hotels off-site.

  1. Proximity to the parks. Most resorts off property even those 8-10 miles away, can take 30 minutes to drive in. Then you have to still park and walk in from the parking lot. Why miss out on park time and deal with the frustrations of driving to/from your resort if you don’t have to.
  2. Mid-day breaks. When you are close to the parks, you can also more easily take mid-day breaks so that you can unwind and come back refreshed later in the evenings.
  3. Flexibility. Walt Disney World has been amazingly accommodating on moving reservations and giving refunds even a day before travel. We have heard so many horror stories of people loosing deposits and more because other hotels have not been nearly as accommodating.
  4. Parking fees. Yes, you do have to pay for parking at your resorts if on-site. Most off-site resorts require this too. BUT if you are onsite, and you prefer to forgo Disney transportation and drive into the parks, then once at the park you do not need to pay for parking.
  5. Park Transportation. This is a BIG one, the ability to use resort to park transportation is huge, the busses almost come back to back, and are plentiful. Many off-site resorts do not have park transportation, requiring you to drive in and pay to park, or if they do have busses to the parks, they are extremely slow and unreliable.
  6. Charging privileges. When you stay on-site, you can use your magic band or key to the world card to charge in the parks, eliminating the need for credit cards while you are in the parks.
  7. Park Pass Reservations. When you stay on-site, you get a larger pool of park pass reservations. These typically fill up last, and give you more of a chance of getting into the park you want.
  8. Dining all at once. Currently dining opens at 60 days, when you are on-site, you can reserve dining for your entire trip at the 60 day mark. If you are off-site, you have to do this a day at a time, risking reservations filling up before you get the opportunity to grab one.
  9. Early Park Entry. On-site guests can get into the parks 30 minutes early, this allows you to get in line for those long-wait rides, or opportunity to get early morning empty park pictures.
  10. Bundling tickets into a package. When you stay on-site you can bundle tickets and room. This means you do not need to pay in full for tickets. You can get your tickets with the simple $200 deposit, you can make payments on your own terms, with final payment due 30 days prior to travel. It is less risk, and is easier to pay and make payments.
  11. Resort pools. All of Disney pools are heated, clean, provide towels, have lifeguards, and are so much fun. Having a safe, clean pools for your family to relax in outside of the parks is a huge benefit.
  12. Immersive Disney Experience. Let’s be real, there is nothing quite like staying in the magic. Disney resorts keep you in the Disney bubble and everything from the kindness of Cast Members, to the customer service, to the look and feel of the resort makes you feel special.

So the next time someone says to you, “Why do you stay at Disney when it is soooo expensive” you can tell them, there really is no comparison, Walt Disney World resorts are where it’s at!

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