Video of New Pirates of the Caribbean Auction Scene at Magic Kingdom

The new Pirates of the Caribbean Ride has made its debut in Walt Disney World and some are excited and some disappointed.  I can say this, our Red Head that we know and love has undergone a major transformation.  There are a few differences I to point out:

She has less make-up, a less revealing top, and honestly, she just looks more like a bad-ass!  Watch the new scene below.

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I have to admit, the one thing I will miss is the saying “show em your larboard side”.  I am not sure why, but it was just one of my favorite parts of the ride, and always made me giggle.  We also snapped a few pictures for you as we rode through.

Pirates of the Caribbean Auction Scene

Below is the whole picture, the scene really does look just like the sketch they previewed for us months ago, and the whole scene is just mesmerizing, if you can get past the changes.

Pirates of the Caribbean Auction Scene

Just for fun, I included the jail scene in the pictures because this scene always makes me smile too, but hey, I am a dog lover…haha.

What do you think of the video and the new scene?  Do you love it, or wish they would have left the ride alone?

Photos and video courtesy of The Pixie Dust Life

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