ShopDisney Combats Bots with MerchPass for Hard to Get Items

We all know that ShopDisney has been a complete mess when we think about getting those limited release and hard to get items. It has come to light that part of the problem stems from bots snatching up all the items quickly, and then those items are promptly listed on eBay for 4 times the retail price. Well now ShopDisney thinks they have the answer, MerchPass.

This new system will be put into place first on 7/13 for the new Disney Castle Collection, and then again for Disneyland 65th Anniversary Products.

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It works like this: Step 1: Choose your item, each item will have a random drawing for who will be chosen, only 1 entry per person is allowed. Step 2: If you have been selected, you will be sent and email, with a purchase window. Step 3: Go purchase your item.

Things to know for the Castle Collection release on the 13th.

No more drama over ShopDisne freezing, items coming out of carts, and bots getting all the merchandise, WE HOPE! What do you think of this newest system? Do you think this is the answer to ShopDisney’s bot problems?

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