Review: Cinderella’s Royal Table in The Magic Kingdom

There is nothing like getting that coveted Reservation for Cinderella’s Royal Table.  Why does everyone love this restaurant so much? What is so special about Cinderella’s Royal Table?  There are so many reasons why my family loves this fun dining event but there are a few reasons that people have questioned if this dining location is really worth it.  I have had this question asked many times:  Is Cinderella’s Royal Table worth the price?  At 2-table service dining credits or a hefty price tag if you are paying out of pocket whats the big draw?

The Price

If you are on the Disney Dining Plan or Deluxe Dining plan this location will cost you 2-table service credits for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.  If you are paying out of pocket the pricing looks like this (below).  That really is quite the hefty price tag for one meal.  So lets look at what you get for the price…

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  • Breakfast Price (with tax and gratuity): Adult: $65.44, Child: $39.61
  • Lunch/Dinner Price (with tax and gratuity): Adult: $81.53, Child: $48.32

What’s Included

Princess Jasmine at Cinderella's Royal Table
Princess Jasmine at Cinderella’s Royal Table
  1.   A picture with Cinderella with no waiting.  When you book a dining reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table, you get your own personal experience with Cinderella.  Right before you are sat you are ushered into the castle entrance where you get to take family photos with Cinderella.  This is an awesome no wait experience and starts your dining off just right!
  2.  The food. The food at Cinderella’s Royal Table is simply amazing! We visited during breakfast and ordered the Beef Tenderloin with Egg and the Carmel Apple Stuffed French Toast.  Both were to die for, and both we would totally order again!  After the plate full of scrumptious pastries and these amazing main courses we were full for quite a while.
  3. All the princesses!  There is nothing like not having to wait in line to see your favorite princesses.  For this meal you are definitely paying for the experience of being inside the magical castle and seeing all your favorite princesses.  For our meal we were visited by Snow White, Ariel, Jasmine, and Aurora.  These princess do change for each meal, so possibly you could be visited by some that are not listed here.  Even my TEENAGERs had a blast, and lets be real, they don’t like anything! HAHA!
  4. The Castle.  This is one of the only ways you can see inside the castle.  You get to dine in the most beautiful dining room and get views of the park that are like no other.
  5. The Wands and Swords.  All of the little Princes and Princesses get wands and swords to participate in the fun with, this is a nice touch, and they do get to take these souvenirs home as an extra benefit.

The Food

Beef Tenderloin and Egg at Cinderella's Royal Table
Beef Tenderloin and Egg at Cinderella’s Royal Table

I have visited for Breakfast on two separate occasions, both times the food was simply amazing!  We were first served an entire assortment of pastries that included several delicious Mikey shaped items.  Not sure why, but food always tastes better when it is Mickey shaped.  Then you can choose your main course.  There are both sweet and savory items on the menu to choose from, as well as Vegetarian and Gluten Free options.  For lunch and dinner you can choose an appetizer, main course, and desert with your meal.  This is not “family style” type dining, you each choose your items, and they are brought directly to your table.

To view the full menu, click here and you will be taken directly to the Disney site to view the most updated menu, and even book your own reservation.

Caramel Apple-stuffed French Toast at Cinderella's Royal Table
Caramel Apple-stuffed French Toast at Cinderella’s Royal Table

The Bottom Line

So, Cinderella’s Royal Table is very expensive for this exclusive experience.  For my family, it is totally worth it.  There is nothing like being in the castle, and seeing Cinderella, and many other princesses.  The time I would save waiting in line to meet each of these different princess is worth that and more.  The food is wonderful, but not sure I would pay that price tag without the experience of the castle and princesses.  Actually, I know I am sure, I would not do it.  So for this dining location, its simple, you are paying for the experience and the good food is a bonus…

Cinderella's Royal Table View
Cinderella’s Royal Table View

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