Review: Adorable Snoman Frosted Treats on Pixar Pier

This weekend I had the opportunity to try out Pixar Pier’s newest snack location.  Boy was I surprised.   The Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats has two specialty treats that we tried. Pixar Pier Parfait, a non-dairy lemon soft serve and blue raspberry frozen beverage and the It’s Snow-Capped Lemon, also a non-dairy lemon soft serve with a “snow-cap” of white chocolate .

Snow Capped Lemon

Okay, so lets talk about it.  Both the Pixar Pier Parfait and the Snow-Capped Lemon have a base of lemon soft serve, so if you are not a lemon fan, these might not be for you.  I was a little afraid that the lemon would be overpowering.  On the cone, its not overpowering, but it is very lemony.  On a hot day, it was such a refreshing break.

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Let’s get to the Pixar Pier Parfait.  This treat is a little different because it has blue raspberry frozen slushy mixed into the middle of the treat.  I wondered if the consistency would be weird, it was surprisingly perfect!  The blueberry middle offset the lemon a touch, and provided for a perfect blend of flavors.  Top it all off with a cherry, and this is my new GO-TO treat on Pixar Pier.  On a hot day, this is the treat I will be craving!  So delicious!!!

Have you tried these new treats?  Which one is your favorite?

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