No Foolin’ – Briar Rose Merchandise Hits the Parks April 1st

Disney lovers take note: a brand-new Briar Rose Gold Collection is set to debut at the Walt Disney World Resort on April 1, inspired by Princess Aurora (aka Briar Rose) from “Sleeping Beauty!” 

Briar Rose Gold Minnie Mouse ear headbands, Spirit Jerseys, backpacks, jewelry, tumblers and more are on their way to merchandise locations at the Walt Disney World Resort. The Briar Rose Gold Collection is just the latest in a line of fun colors inspired by hot fashion trends, like rose gold, millennial pink and Potion Purple.

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Here’s a sneak peek at the new items.

Guests who wish to purchase the traditional Rose Gold Minnie Mouse ear headbands – the very first in this trendy line of fashion-forward Minnie Mouse ear headbands that no true Disney fan is complete without – before they’re gone from our parks, should do so by the end of March. They are available at locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

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