New Arrivals in Toy Story Land

Before the parks’ closure, it was announced that Toy Story Land would get a sit-down restaurant. Like with many things, pre-pandemic ideas were placed on hold. Well, my friends, I am here to tell you, Andy’s Backyard is getting an expansion! 

It was announced that coming this year, in 2022, we would finally get to eat at Roundup Rodeo BBQ and- SURPRISE- a trading post! (Merchandise Shop). There is a small merchandise shop as you are exiting the ride for Toy Story Mania. 

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Photo Credit: Amanda Scott

But first, let’s talk a bit about Toy Story Land. Toy Story Land is a highly immersive land. You are the size of a TOY! Don’t believe me? Look down as you walk through the land, and you can find Andy’s footprints! They are HUGE! It is a fun and amazingly themed land. There are three rides, Toy Story Mania, Slinky Dog Dash, and Aliens Space Spin. Plus, there are restrooms and a quick-service restaurant, Woody’s Lunch Box. The attention to detail in this land is just exceptional. I have added some pictures from around this land to see for yourself. 

Photo Credit: Amanda Scott

Now that you have this land’s current details let’s talk about what is coming: Round-up Rodeo BBQ. This restaurant will be a table-service meal (meaning you’ll need dining reservations, as this is a sit-down restaurant), where guests will eat barbecue in two large dining rooms while being amongst Andy’s games and toys, so you’ll feel like you are IN a toy rodeo! I, for one, am excited about this. I do not care for the quick-service meal in this land. The food is mediocre, and seating is so hard to find. The idea of sitting down and enjoying your meal in the air conditioning is just more appealing.

Concept Art of Roundup Rodeo via Disney Destinations.

As stated at the beginning of this post, there will also be a new merchandise shop. Jessie’s Trading Post is a toy Andy found in his attic and decided to bring it out to play! This merchandise shop will have toys and souvenirs that our favorite cowgirl, Jessie, picked out herself! 

Photo Credit: Disney Destinations

I am super excited that this land is getting some love. I think the expansion will be excellent and make this land even more enjoyable!

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