Disney With Teenagers: 10 Tips to Keep them Happy

Those of us with teenagers know that they are typically in a constant state of annoyance.  So how do we ensure that they have a fun time at Disney too, without feeling like they are at a park for “babies”.  We have some fun tips and tricks for teenagers that keep them engaged and smiling (as much as humanly possible for a teenager that is)

10.  Ride all the Disney Mountains and thrill rides:  There are a few rides that are on my teenagers “to-do” list.  They are: Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Test Track, Rock N’ Rollercoaster, Everest and Kali River Rapids.  These are some of the Disney thrill rides that are sure to keep a smile on your teenagers face!

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9. Explore the different food options:  I hate to say it, but Disney turned my son into a total foodie.  After one trip of using the Deluxe Dining plan and visiting “Signature” dining nightly, he was a changed teen.  He loved trying all the new “expensive” foods that we would never buy at home.

8. Bribes: I am not ashamed to admit it.  I bribe my son at the beginning of the trip.  Smile for all the pic without complaining and I will _________.  Fill in the blank with something they have been wanting (for us it is typically money…haha).  The funny part is then they are in for pictures, and without even realizing it, they start to enjoy it.  Oh, and it makes #2 on this list so much more fun if they cannot say no to pictures!!!

7. Pose for Ride Photos: On the rides we make it our mission in life to pose differently for every ride photo, its a fun game for all the rides, and bonus, you end up with some AMAZING pics.

6. Enjoy every second with them: even when you are tired and cranky, enjoy this time.  One day you will look back on it and laugh about how they were such a crank at Disney, you will probably laugh if they are dealing with the same thing and their kids one day.  Life is short, let the little stuff roll off your back.

5. Trivia in line: There are tons of fun phone apps with Disney trivia games you can play in line, its a fun way to keep everyone smiling through long lines.

4. Teenagers need naps too: We have found that around 3:00 we all get tired, the sun at the parks can really take it out of you.  A fun relaxing play in the pool, or afternoon nap can help bring the life back into those cranky teens.

3. Stay at parks late: When you have teenagers they tend to be more night owls, so we start a little later, sometimes take an afternoon break (see number 4) and close the parks out.  Many of the little kids are gone, and after fireworks the ride wait times practically drop to nothing.  We can get so many more rides done right before closing.

2. Hat Pics:  This is my favorite souvenir.  AS teenagers get older, the need for wanting to wear that silly hat lessens.  They are too cool for that.  So instead, whenever we walk through the gift shops, we grab a few hats and snap some pics, make funny faces, and LAUGH like crazy.  This is so much fun, and no money is spent for this fun lifelong memory.

1. Let them choose what to do: Teenagers need some say in what you are doing, let them pick the next ride, or next place to eat.  This really helps them feel like they are part of the process vs just along for the ride.

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