Disney Raises Snack Prices by as Much as 38 Percent

On Tuesday, October 2nd, Disney fans were surprised to see that snack pricing looked just a little bit different then they had the day before.  Well, we did the math to see just how much Disney really raised the snack prices and the increase range is from 9% – 38% depending on the popularity of the snack.  The biggest winner for price increase was the Churro which went from $4.50 to a whopping $6.25.  Now when you look at it that way, that’s really only a $1.75 increase, which may not seem like much, but when you look at the bigger picture, that is quite a staggering increase of 38%.

Taking our math one step further, we did a little research to see if we can find out how many Churros Disney sells in a year.  We found a Fox News article from 2014 that stated Disneyland sells 3 Million Churros a year.  Okay, so let’s go with that, although I am sure the number has changed some since then.  With just Churros alone, that price increase should net Disney well over $5,000,000 a year, IN JUST CHURROS!  So there it is folks, those small quarters that Disney increased on our snacks will equate to 10’s of millions of dollars every year, kind of crazy to look at it like that.

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Here is the breakdown of all the price increases:

  • Bottled Water $3.50 (Up 16% from $3.00)
  • Bottled Soda $4.50 (Up 12%  from $4.00)
  • Churro $6.25 (Up 38% from $4.50)
  • Fountain Drink – Large $4.49 (Up 15% from $3.79)
  • Fountain Drink – Small $3.99 (Up 15% from $3.29)
  • Frozen Banana $5.75 (Up 9% from $5.25)
  • Frozen Fruit Bar $5.25 (Up 17% from $4.50)
  • Mickey Pretzel $7.00 (Up 17% from $6.00)
Disney World Snack Prices
Disney World Snack Prices

Those are some pretty crazy increases, keep a close watch because with tickets increasing and now snacks, I suspect dining plan increases are not far off.  For now, I will carry on and keep enjoying my snacks regardless of price, because let’s face it, I love Disney and I will pay whatever it takes to enjoy a little part of the magic.

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