Baby Giraffe Born on Savanna while Guests Watch

Exciting news news from Animal Kingdom.  On Monday a baby giraffe was born very close to the road where the vehicles from Kilimanjaro Safari ride by.  Guests were slowly riding by in their journey and off to the side of the road they saw trucks and attendants standing close by.  To their surprise, right at that moment the baby giraffe decided it was his time to join the world.  Accounts from those on the ride vehicle said it was very emotional, even the safari driver was very emotional.

According to Disney, they had keeping a close eye on Mom and baby, who are doing well. Since birth, the pair have been backstage nursing and bonding and will continue to stay backstage for the next month or two before going back out on the savanna.

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The Disney animal care team has been conducting neonatal exams during which they get a better gauge on the calf’s weight, height and gender.

The cast and Kilimanjaro Safaris drivers will be helping us choose a name for the calf so stay tuned for updates.

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