8 Facts You Might Not Know About Main Street USA at Walt Disney World

When you enter the Magic Kingdom you walk through a tunnel and find yourself on Main Street USA.   This is actually considered the first “themed land” in the park but guests have a tendency to rush through it with eyes set on the castle or minds set on beating the crowds to their first planned attraction of the day.  People forget to stop and take in the sights, sounds and smells of one of Walt Disney’s special creations.  The turn of the century architecture of Main Street was modeled after Walt’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri.  There are many magical touches you might be missing up and down Main Street!

8. Forced Prospective of Main Street

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The buildings on Main Street are actually smaller than they look.  The first floors are 10ft tall with the second and third getting smaller giving the appearance that they are taller buildings.  There is one building that was built to full scale.  The Town Square Exhibition Hall was built this way to block the view of the Contemporary Resort from Main Street.  Disney did not want guests to have views of the outside world from within the theme park. 

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7. The Windows

Most guests never look up and study the windows of the second and third stories on Main Street.  The windows are actually dedicated to all the imagineers who were instrumental in the design and development of Walt Disney World.  For example the Upton Jewelers window says Roy Davis which is actually Roy O. Disney.  While he was doing real estate agreements and deals he used that name as an alias to sign documents.   He did this to mask his identity and his intentions so that while they were buying up more than 27,000 acres of land in Central Florida, people wouldn’t know why and the land prices wouldn’t skyrocket.  Roy always found the money for Walt’s dreams but he must have been pretty smart at saving money too!

6. Traffic Flow

People generally walk down a street following American traffic rules and stay to the right when entering the theme park and leaving on the left side of the street.  Disney knew this and so they placed all the food shops on the right as you enter.  This is where you can grab your breakfast food and Starbucks on your way in and all of your Disney merchandise is on the left perfectly positioned as you walk out! 

5. The Smells

Walt Disney wanted Walt Disney World to hit all of your senses.  That’s why imagineers even planned when you smell certain smells in the park and even on different attractions.  Walking on to Main Street USA you will first smell popcorn.  It’s kind of like walking in to a movie theater!  As you walk down Main Street you will start to smell freshly baked cookies and vanilla.  These aromas are actually coming from “smellitizers” that were developed by imagineers and are located underneath Main Street.  They work like air cannons and aim the scents up to 200 feet! 

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4. Mailboxes

The mailboxes on Main Street are actually working mailboxes with mail pick-ups every other day.  You can purchase a postcard in one of the stores and the postage at the Chamber of Commerce to the left of Guest Relations as you enter the park.  It’s a great way to send a hello back home! 

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3. Harmony Barber Shop

You can actually get haircuts in the barber shop on Main Street that includes a little extra pixie dust.  This is a very special spot to even get baby’s first haircut.  They have a first haircut package that gives you a lock of hair, a certificate and Mickey Mouse ears!  While your little princess goes to Bibbidi Bobbidi this is a great option for your little prince! 

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2. The Lamps

This is one feature that many don’t notice.  The lamps change from gas to electric as you go down the street.  This feature was done to represent the change in the technology from gas power to the modern age of electricity. 

1. The Emporium

Have you ever realized this store spans all the way down from one end of the street to the other?  While you may think it is this way to tempt you with every piece of Disney merchandise you could want, it was actually designed to shelter guests from rain as they walked down the length of Main Street.  Some also use it as a short cut to take after the fireworks to avoid the mass of people exiting the park on the street.

So next time you find yourself on Main Street USA I encourage you to stop, look up, look around and breathe in the smells of Main Street!  If you have never experienced Main Street USA or want to get back, let me do a free quote for your next vacation today!  All of my services are free of charge and in return you get concierge level services for all your Disney vacation, dining and FastPass planning. 

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