5 Ways to Finish Your Day at Disney Parks

We all know how amazing Disney parks are, but lets face it, they can be hot, and tiring, and mostly overstimulating for our brains.  Imagine how our little ones feel.  These are 5 ways that you can enjoy finishing the day at the parks so You leave with a heart full of Disney love, and really feel the Disney Magic.

1. Find a nice spot about an hour early and enjoy the fireworks.  This gives you time to unwind, eat some dinner or a snack, and relax before the big show.  In addition, you will have a great spot saved for your family so that viewing is not problem.

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2. Grab a snack or enjoy an evening dinner show.  You earned it, you have probably hit 15,000 steps at this point (or more), why not splurge and enjoy that Mickey Bar, Tub of Popcorn, or even fried chicken at Hoop Dee Doo.  Nothing better then food and the fireworks!

3. After the Fireworks or evening show end, stay put.  Hopefully you have found yourself a nice spot, its almost better to hang out for a little while, let the crowds pass.  There will be a mass exodus of the parks after the show, so if you can avoid that rush, your mental status will thank you.  Plan on a ride or two after the fireworks, they lines are shorter, and you save your sanity some from trying to fight the exit crowds.

4. Walk around taking in how the rides and scenery change at night. All the rides take on a new life at night. You see things you never saw before based on lightning. My family loves the People Mover at night because there are so many fun things and people you can see from a birds eye view. Try Pandora at night too. The views are spectacular!

5. Take in the sunset by the castle. There is nothing like a Disney sunset. It is so magical to see the park get darker and then see the castle light up. After a long day this is the perfect way to relax and enjoy some family time.

Regardless of how you spend your evenings at the park, remember to stop and enjoy the sights, they are so magical at night!!!

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