10 Tips to Remember on Race Weekend

Congratulations!  You made it to RunDisney Star Wars race week!  For all those who are participating in any of the Star Wars runs this weekend, these tips should help you out, especially if you are a first time Disney runner.  Remember, the hard work is done (training), now is time for the fun (race day)!

10.  Sunblock – Even on super cloudy days, you can get very sun burnt especially for Spring/Early Summer races.  Its already hot in Orlando, and many peoples shoulders have not seen the sun in months.  Take the time, and apply sunblock often.  Its humid here, you will be sweating a lot.  So reapply!

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9.  Drink Water – This weekend for Star Wars is supposed to be very humid.  I am talking like 90% humidity, so drink lots of water, and when you think you have drank enough water, drink some more.  If you start feeling a headache coming on, it probably means you are dehydrated, so drink more water.

8. Change of socks/shoes – Because of the heat an humidity, your feet will be a soaking wet mess after the race, there is nothing like a pair of flip flops to let your feet air out with after a long hot race.

7. Arrive Early – RunDisney says to be on a bus by 3:30 in order to be in your corral on time to start the race.  I have found that this is not early enough for me.  I am a slow Runner, so getting there early and getting in the front of the coral is SOO important to my success.  You can check out our slow runner RunDisney tips here if you are the same.

6. Get your Medal – As soon as you cross the finish line you are funneled into an area where volunteers are handing out medals.  Everyone, yes even those whom did not finish, get a medal.  So, don’t forget to get your bling, because the race medals are awesome, and you deserve it!  Note: if you are running a challenge, and you do not finish one of the races, you will NOT get the challenge medal.

Star Wars 2018 RunDisney Medals
Star Wars 2018 RunDisney Medals

5. The Expo on Thursday – The expo on opening day is a complete mad house!  Be prepared to wait in line for your bibs and merchandise.  If you are running the half marathon or even the 10k, and are not dying to get any merchandise before it sells out, avoid the expo on opening day.  If you just cannot wait because you are dying to buy your goodies (this is typically me), pack your patience, because the crowds are intense.  Note: you cannot pick up your bib on race day, and you must have a valid ID to pick up your bib, other members of your family cannot pick up a bib of anyone 18 and older.

4. Watch out for Bottlenecks – On race day, there are several places along the course where the course significantly narrows, be aware of this, and be patient, you may have to slow down and walk through this area, as sometimes running becomes impossible.  One of the worst areas for this is the boardwalk right before you go into Epcot.

Star Wars 2018 Half Marathon Course
Star Wars 2018 Half Marathon Course

3. Take Pictures after the Finish Line – This is a hard one for me, because the last thing I feel like doing is taking pictures of myself all gross and sweaty from running.  DO IT!  You will be so glad you did.  Stop at any of the photographers booths after you cross the finish line, they even have fun props like “I did it” signs that you can use to commemorate your finish.

2.  Race Waivers – Everyone one needs to turn in a printed and signed copy of this waiver.  If you forgot to print one before traveling, do not worry, you can print these yourself right before grabbing your bib.  Disney has typically 5-7 computer stations set up, you just type in your name and date of birth, and print.  Then they even have a table set up with pens, so you can sign.  Disney really thinks of everything!

1.  Have Fun – You registered, you trained, the hard work is done.  Enjoy yourself, talk to new people, have fun.  This is the best part of RunDisney, enjoy it and be proud that you are out there doing it!

Bonus Information: Expect to be tired, you were up very early, and spent the day running in the heat and humidity. Take a nap, or maybe hit the sack early.  Its easy to forget to take care of your body when you are at Disney because you are having so much fun.

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I am just another Disney lover.  I am in the parks often and love sharing about all of my experience and tips and tricks.  I figure if I am at Disney, then I am off the couch and outside enjoying life.  Hope you enjoy my blog!


Pictures courtesy of RunDisney and The Pixie Dust Life

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