10 Tips for Traveling to Disney with a Baby

1. Pack the essentials

On our first trip To Disney World, we used Ziploc bags to divide our daughter’s clothes per day, this helped us tremendously. We had the outfit for the parks, extra clothes for emergencies and a set of PJs to make our lives easier during the night. In our diaper bags, we had an infant fever medicine, sunblock, clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, EXTRA pacifiers, enough diapers for the day, and the bottle. We had a specific luggage for her at the resort where we brought the essentials:

  • nursing cover and/or bottles
  • pumping machine or formula
  • pacifiers
  • infant medications ( some of these you can order with amazon prime-2 hours delivery)
  • Diaper cream (Florida and California are HOT)
  • Plastics bags or wet bags for the baby dirty clothes
  • Bibs
  • Blankets ( normal blankets and crib or pack and play sheets if you think your baby can’t sleep with the ones Disney resorts offer)
  • nasal aspirator and saline solution ( hotel ac are not the best)
  • Traveling humidifier ( yes the room maybe dry) they are small and you put them in a glass cup.
  • Teething toys
  • You can buy the diapers, wipes, and baby snacks through a delivery app like amazon prime or instacart that gives 2 hour delivery to the resorts; the resort may charge extra)

2. Travel with a stroller or better yet a traveling stroller and a carrier

Disney and other companies provides strollers for rent. It can be convenient for families with older children because it helps carry less luggage. However, for families with infants or toddlers, I would recommend bringing your own stroller. On our first trip we took the primary stroller ( which is very easy to open and close). We learned very fast that we were wanting something easier to manage and smaller in size to move around more comfortable around the park and in the buses. Funny story; the stroller broke but don’t worry no panic the front desk at cooper creek was awesome and a Imageneering went to our room and gave us the smallest tube of glue that was really make of pixie dust, that frame is still working and obviously I got another frame from the company because of warranty.

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Our baby exhausted at Mickey not so scary halloween party in her Doona stroller

Next investment an used doona stroller which make us feel like rockstars every parent stop us a the bus to ask us about it! Now that our daughter is bigger we bought a Diono compact stroller. At the end remember the stroller is going to save your day, with the naps! When my baby was tired we switch to the carrier, and don’t forget to bring a stroller fan!

3. Visit the baby center at the parks

The baby centers are the best place to disconnect from the noise, this place is going to be the perfect spot to relax for couple minutes or just hours. The baby centers are mark in the parks app or maps, every park has ones but they are all different. Every baby care center has changing tables, nursing or pumping rooms, bottle warmers, filter water, tv area and high chairs for the kids and a small store that sell the basics just in case you forget something. My favorite one is the one in animal kingdom this one is the newest and bigger. At the end I took a lot of breaks there with the baby it was a cool place with space to rest.

4. Take meal breaks

Yes meal breaks are very important for you to rest as a parent and for your baby to rest as well. The restaurants and quick services have AC and there is always a table were you can sit and relax. If your baby is starting solids this is the perfect time to spend time as a family and maybe meet some characters as well!

At Cinderella Royal Table for Breakfast

5. Invest in the Disney Memory maker

Is your baby first time at Disney! Believe me yo want to take a lot of pictures everywhere, there’s only one first time and you need to have as many memories save as you can. If the lines are short stop at every photographer, meet every character, is important that your baby start meeting the characters to help them get used to them. I remember my daughters first character was Pluto, and now that she is 2 every time we go to the parks and she see Pluto she get super excited!

As well in Magic Kingdom behind the castle is Castle Couture were you can take a “royal portrait” this is the best spot for an small photo shooting of your princess or prince! The pictures look amazing and now I take pictures of my daughter every time we go so I can see how much she change from the last trip.

6. Don’t Rush

Yes I know we all have plans but just enjoy your day, do the fast pass, ride the any heights rides with your baby and have a blast! Not everything is going to go as plan and that’s ok just take a break or go with the flow at the end enjoy your time with your baby.

7. Yes your baby can go on the rides

There is a lot of rides you can do with your baby, from Dumbo, pirates of the Caribbean, its a small world, Frozen, the gran fiesta tour at Epcot, and others. As well if your baby can’t ride don’t forget to request the family swap at the entrance of the ride even if you have a fast pass that way you can enjoy the rides more than ones!

Frozen ever after is the best one for pictures… all the babies have the same reaction

8. Bring noise cancellation headphones

We know we want to see the shows, who we are going to fool that’s our favorite part of the day. You don’t need to skip this part because the baby is maybe sleeping or is going to be too loud, just bring some baby noise cancellation headphones which you can find online or at your favorite baby store and just have peace of mind while you enjoy the show!

watching a Galactic Spectacular the star wars show at Hollywood Studios

9. Buy your first set of baby ears

I remember I bought my baby first ears for my baby announcement and she loves them. The ears are an amazing way to have as a keepsake you can get kids ears and embroider them with their name and year if you want!

Her first ears!

10. Plan ahead and have fun!

Planning your trip ahead can bring a lot of stress down. From which resort to stay, to meal reservations and fast passes, every little plan can help with that dream vacation. As a mom we always have ideas on how we want our baby first time at Disney to look and your vacation planning is just the beginning of that dream. No one can tell you how much or how little you can spend just follow your heart and your budget at the end is a time that never comes back! Believe me I did a lot of single and just couple Disney trip but nothing compares to this new adventure!

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