10 Reasons to Love Disney Cruising

10.  The cast members:  One of the most amazing things about Disney is how all of the cast members are so thoughtful and kind as they work with you.  No matter what area they work in, they are amazing.  On my last cruise my stateroom attendant went absolutely above and beyond to make us happy.  They are all truly magical!

Animation Magic on the Disney Fantasy
Animator’s Palate on the Disney Fantasy

9.   The Food: Nothing like 5-star food all the way around.  From the Chicken nuggets to the pizza to the gourmet meals, the food on the Disney ships is unparalleled.

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8.  The cleanliness of the ships:  I have never been on a ship where everything was constantly spotless.  Even the public restrooms were immaculate at all times.  We always saw cast members polishing, wiping, and cleaning away to make sure that everyone felt like they were on a private ship.  Just amazing!

Disney Cruise Line Fab 5 Characters
Disney Cruise Line Fab 5 Characters

7.  The Characters:  Why cruise with Disney? This one is simple: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Princesses, and more…. enough said.  The characters make cruising with Disney SOOOO magical!

Disney Cruise Line Movie Theater showing first run Disney Movies
Disney Cruise Line Movie Theater showing first run Disney Movies

6.  The Movies: As many first run movie theater movies as you can fit in.  Is there a big release while you are on the ship?  Guess what, you get to see it there too!  There is no extra costs, and you can even bring snacks and food into the theater to enjoy.

5.  Rotational Dining:  Worried you have to eat the same old food on the boat?  NO way, each night you get to rotate to one of three different themed restaurants.  This gives you the variety you are looking for.  The best part, the dining staff follow you on your rotation, they get to know you, and they learn and know from night to night what you may or may not like.  Allergies?  They have you covered because they remember and look after you.  There is also a buffet option at Cabanas and even some quick service locations by the pool.  So many dining options.

Disney Cruise Line Oceaneers Club
Disney Cruise Line Oceaneers Club

4. Kids Clubs:  Depending on your children’s ages, there are different options for them.  The kids clubs are designed to keep your kids safe, in a fun and engaging environment with special themed activities and group events for kids aged 3-17.

3.  The Safety of the ships:  Onboard safety is #1 for all of Disney ships, there are always cast members looking out for everyone during group activities, and never once have I felt that I was in an unsafe environment on the boat.  I feel at home, and totally safe while on board.

Beauty and the Beast Production on the Disney Dream
Beauty and the Beast Production on the Disney Dream

2.  The Shows:  Let’s talk about the Broadway style shows onboard each of the boats.  These are not kids shows, they are simply spectacular Broadway style shows.  They immerse you, and the singing and dancing are GLORIOUS!  Every single night on the boat you get the option of an evening show, and every single one of them was spectacular.  Most recently we saw the newest production of Beauty and the Beast on the Disney Dream, I have never seen such a wonderful show, it had us in tears it was so amazing.

1.  It’s Disney:  Everything Disney does is with pride, its clean, and beautiful and top of the line.  I am certain that Disney Cruise Line has ruined cruising on other lines for me, because none of those other cruise lines hits the mark as perfectly as Disney does.  The food, and shows alone keep me coming back.  Add in the characters and cast members and experiences and oh my goodness.  I am hooked for life.  If you have not tried it, be prepared to be WOWED!

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